**A Krown is a womens freedom and a Kueen always wears it proudly.**

Kappa Upsilon Eta Eta Nu (Kueen) is a womanhood in which we get together to promote connectedness and growth within one another. Kueen is intended to strengthen the opinions and thoughts of our women, allow our queens a passage to express their feelings and concerns on issues they feel are important, create a secure environment for our queens to be themselves without scrutiny and judgment, and most importantly, having fun, while being able to make healthy relationships and positive connections with one another.

Mission Statement:

Kappa Upsilon Eta Eta Nu is a movement of women getting together to ignite, inspire, and improve relationships through communication, civility, and culture.

Statement of Purpose:

Kappa Upsilon Eta Eta Nu (Kueen) is a non-collegiate movement that will bring together a bond of womanhood that will ignite, inspire, and improve generations. Kueen will provide a lifetime of leadership and education through programs and events that will enhance local communities. The movement is a sisterhood of predominantly Black motivated women who are seeking change and growth in themselves.