Kappa Upsilon Eta Eta Nu is a different kind of women’s program … we truly value the well-being and security of our Queens. We are genuinely leaving positive influences and healthy relationships so that our Queens will have the tools needed to get through life without doubting themselves or having low self-esteem. We embrace everyone’s talent, beauty, and experiences as individuals. We recognize that our Queens are their own women and we never try to change or shape them to be anything different then who they are. Kappa Upsilon Eta Eta Nu is a program that will provide growth, education, communication, relationships, and security to our Queens. We hope to ignite, improve, and inspire our Queens by keeping our programs informal, entertaining, and enjoyable to our members. By doing this, we will be able to progress into the best of our womanhood.

Tour Explore


Tour Explore allows our Queens to travel around the world to visit colleges/universities, museums, art institutes, and conferences. This experience will allow for a broader experience of the world and will give our Queens a chance to travel outside of the inner cities of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Being able to explore and learn different cultures and traditions while gaining life experiences.

Chicago, IL

Registration Fee: $80

DATES: (2 day weekend trip)

Thursday April 19th 2018 – Leaving Minneapolis at 5pm / Arriving in Chicago around 11pm

Sunday April 22nd 2018 – Leaving Chicago at 12pm / Arriving in Minneapolis around 7pm

This will be road-trip style which will allow us to bond and get to know one another more. Permission slips for anyone under 18 is required. Please email us at kueen@alegacybeyondlegendary.com for any additional information.

Activities Include:

Field Museum of Natural History

Chicago State University Tour


Lincoln Park Zoo

Navy Pier

Queen Leadership


Queen Leadership is a service that will be offered to our Queens via workshops that will allow the opportunity for our members to advise, teach, and guide. Our volunteer opportunities allow women to bond and build relationships while also providing a positive service to the greater community.

Ongoing Opportunities

Our ongoing volunteer opportunities allow our group to continuously assist other organizations. The following companies permit us to give back to others via shelter, clothing, goods and services, and financial needs.

  • Neighbors Inc.
  • The Link
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • YouthLink

Specific Opportunities

Our specific opportunities will allow our kueens to plan, organize, and promote a specific event tailored to a specific cause.

  • Take Back Our Streets



Our book club was established to educate our women on the different types of literature. We wanted to introduce a more exciting, yet, educational experience when reading novels. Our book club is meant to challenge our Kueens so that we become more wise and more knowledgeable throughout the years.