A Legacy Programs

Our programs serve the community by fulfilling their potential in term of communication, civility, and culture. Our programs allow individuals to be themselves in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. Incorporated into our programs and events are tools that encourages the community to connect, network, inspire, and uplift one another.

A Legacy is here to motivate the community into believing that we have a future, and that we have the power to create something legendary. Our organization is a place where we let individuals be themselves and speak freely on issues that are troubling them, their friends, and/or their families. A Legacy Beyond Legendary is a place where people can demonstrate their frustration and possible solution from a variety of topics ranging anywhere from current events, politics, injustice, brutality, music, mass incarceration, art and design, and so on and so forth through our programs listed below:

Kappa Upsilon Eta Ea Nu

Kappa Upsilon Eta Eta Nu (Kueen) is a non-collegiate movement that will bring together a bond of womanhood that will ignite, inspire, and improve generations. Kueen will provide a lifetime of leadership and education through programs and events that will enhance local communities. The movement is a sisterhood of predominantly Black motivated women who are seeking change and growth in themselves.

Qrafted Techniques

Mission Statement: Providing an inventive space for the community creators to be capable of free expression through visual arts with the help of collaborations and support.

We offer a wide range of activities to keep our community entertained and engaged in our program. We will incorporate these activities into our curriculum, giving the community a chance to express themselves through the arts.

Beyond Necessities

Beyond Necessities Workshop is a new way to experience knowledge. Gaining factual information about the variety and diversity of culture, religion, history, class, music, politics, and everything in between. By creating an innovative and different experience to learning Beyond Necessities is taking knowledge beyond the mainstream to bring upon the necessary tools of learning the unknown.